The Product Movers Advantage

Design excellence with ergonomic analysis
In-house prototyping and manufacturing
A dedicated relationship manager and program manager
Innovations on material, design and configurations

The Value We Create:

We Design, Manufacture, and Repurpose, Returnable Reusable Packaging & Material Handling Solutions

Solutions for Packaging Lifecycle Management

Program Management Design & Prototype
Manufacturing & Assembly
Enabling Capital
Logistics Reach & Repair

Our Packaging Solutions are: Part Optimized! and Movement Sensitized!

Product Movers provided excellent service and quality production when we were in a pinch. We were well behind schedule in kicking them off on 4 rack projects. They delivered on unrealistic timing and enabled us to meet launch delivery requirements. There were several last minute part changes implemented by Ford impacting our packaging designs. Product Movers creatively addressed these challenges without compromising either pack density or program spend. Their design talents and turnaround capabilities far outweigh the competition and these qualities roll into their finished products. They are my most creative, competitive and consistent source for rack and container dunnage projects.